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This Modern Montessori Kindergarten Will Make You Want to Head Back to School

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By the looks of it, IBOBI International Kindergarten is a place any kid would love to go to school, and probably most adults, too. VMDPE Design was tasked with designing the modern Montessori school for expats living in a residential area of Shenzhen, China. The interior was scaled for children, like the furniture, stairs, handrails, doors, and windows, making it easier for them to navigate their needs while feeling safe at the same time.

The school was originally an outdated building that VMDPE Design transformed and created an art room, music room, interactive projection room, and a library. The interior material of choice was wood, which gives the space a modern yet cozy feeling. The rest of the materials used were all picked for their safety and ease.

Slanted planes change up the visual experience, including glass walls that allow for observation and interaction while defining a particular space.

Lots of windows offer sight lines to the school’s green surroundings while filling the interior with natural light.

Photography by Kevin Ho, VMDPE Design.