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The best HTC U11 deals in February 2018

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Attracting consumers’ attention away from the vice-like grip on the phones market of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and iPhone 8 is no easy task. But HTC has a recent track record of making superb handsets, and the U11’s striking Liquid Surface design and latest Snapdragon CPU show its desire to keep pace with the big boys

The HTC U11 (don’t forget that all important ‘U’) is another push from the manufacturer to keep its name as a front-running handset manufacturer. Edge Sense is the new element that the brand is pushing as its latest big innovation – as you’ll see from our HTC U11 review below – it’s certainly alternative. And the phone now comes with Alexa integration, too.

It’s now a little cheaper, too, with monthly tariffs starting at less than £30. That’s a lot cheaper than HTC U11 deals were when the handset went on sale.

Check out our comparison chart to tailor-make your perfect HTC U11 deal, while below that we pick out our favourite current deals.

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The top 5 best HTC U11 deals on the major networks this month

We’ve scoured the best contract deals that EE, O2 and Vodafone have to offer on the HTC U11 (there are no Three deals, alas). But if you’re not that bothered about data and just want the cheapest deal, you may be wiser to consider splashing £500-odd upfront for the handset and then jumping on a cheap SIM only deal instead.

The HTC U11 is a hugely impressive phone – in a sea of wildly impressive phones. The core abilities will wow any HTC fan, but the squeezable sides haven’t completely won us over.

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